Roxy three year old female greyhound

Roxy is a three year old female greyhound who has been in a foster home with a female Labrador, a male Greyhound and a 14 year old child since the beginning of April 2019. She is a teeny tiny girl with a beautiful, shiny coat and stunning eyes. Roxy has a dazzling smile with a wonderful set of pearly white teeth.

Roxy is embracing all that home life has to offer. She is just so happy! Roxy hasn’t had a single toilet accident in the house, she lets her foster family know when she needs to go out by padding up and down near the back door. She will also let her humans know if the water bowl needs filling…by repeatedly pawing it! She is a funny girl and an expert fly catcher! She is friendly and respectful towards the resident dogs, she especially likes to wash their ears and has gracefully accepted an occasional telling off from one of the resident dogs. Roxy loves her food but waits her turn for treats, always taking them gently.

She is an extremely affectionate and happy little soul and loves to meet new people, leaning on them for a fuss. She has been confident and friendly with all new people, including primary aged school children. She also likes to have kisses on the top of her head and especially likes to have her belly rubbed, putting on her cutest look if the humans stop too soon! Roxy hasn’t chewed anything in the house, and understands ‘leave’ when she pinches the remote control! Roxy is left for four hours during the week and the doggy cam shows that she settles down quickly and doesn’t fret when left alone with the resident dogs. Roxy chooses to sleep downstairs or on the landing overnight and her foster family don’t hear a peep from her all night.

Roxy doesn’t pull on the lead and is adjusting to small dogs as she is still learning about life away from the racing industry. As it is still early days, her foster family muzzle Roxy in areas where there are off lead dogs but walking Roxy in these areas does not pose any problems as she is calm but just still very interested in fast moving small animals. She is an inquisitive girl and enjoys new experiences, she loves travelling in the car and settles down immediately. Roxy will need a garden fence which is a minimum of six feet high as for a tiny greyhound she really can jump! She has never tried to escape from her foster garden but has occasionally jumped up to look into the neighbour’s garden for a nosey! If inclined to do so, Roxy could probably clear a fence smaller than six feet.

Roxy is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed. She can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.